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MarkeTech Business ConsultingWelcome to MarkeTech, where Marketing meets Technology! Our service offerings are designed with Sales and Marketing in mind! From Market Opportunity Analysis to comprehensive Business Development Strategies, we focus on the fundamental concept of providing your company with an outstanding Return on Investment.

No matter what your industry, you can count on MarkeTech to consider every angle in your business so that you can win your share of the market. Enjoy learning more about MarkeTech‘s offerings within the world of the Business Development, Marketing Strategies, Internet Utilization, Managed Analytics and more!

Your Own In-house Marketing Department!

Where is your company’s marketing prowess when you need it? Many small to mid-sized companies are in dire need of full-time marketing expertise, but simply don't have the time or money to create and manage such specialized staff. Larger companies sometimes have the budget for virtually anything, but need a fresh ‘outside’ view of current marketing strategies. That's where we come in!

MarkeTech can be your entire Marketing Department or an dedicated specialist within it. You're the BOSS! No need to bother with payroll taxes, benefits packages or underutilized staff. We'll handle all the marketing activities without all the headaches... you stay focused on your core business activities.

When the economy is strong, marketing is important. When the economy is weak, marketing is ESSENTIAL!

 Complete Business Development

Internet / Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Always Start with a Viable Plan.

The starting point for your profits is a solid business and marketing plan. We can design your plan from ‘start to finish’ or pickup where you left off.

The Internet is a Powerful Tool.

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool. More prospective buyers are using this powerful tool each year to find products and services within your industry.

Fine-tune your Ad Campaigns.

Search engine advertising is a daunting task. Correct targeting and complex analytics are essential. Use our expertise to maximize your marketing dollar.

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