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About MarkeTech

MarkeTech Business ConsultingMarkeTech has been in business for more than a decade. We’ve helped large and small companies jump for joy as they successfully penetrate their markets. From startup ’mom and pop’ shops to well-established global enterprises, MarkeTech brings the right mix of consulting services to the table.

There’s one thing that separates MarkeTech from the rest of the pack... we are passionate about our job and we treat your company as if it is our own. With relentless energy, decades of combined experience and contacts in every aspect of business, no problem is too great to tackle and no idea too small to consider. The reward for our company is the success of your company.

Thinking Outside the Box

Selecting the right company to help you market your products and services is a big job in itself. Within every successful company, you will always find an innovative and influential personality who is thinking outside the box. 

Many consultants have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to business development. Sometimes such a canned approach is all that is needed, but more often than not, shows itself as a stale approach which yields less than desirable results. Successful market penetration is largely defined by differentiation of your product or service offerings. Sometimes, applying the ‘text-book business concepts to the ever-changing world of sales and marketing is a one-way ticket to failure.

MarkeTech is the right choice to provide your company with a fresh look at your policies and practices.

 Complete Business Development

Internet / Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Always Start with a Viable Plan.

The starting point for your profits is a solid business and marketing plan. We can design your plan from ‘start to finish’ or pickup where you left off.

The Internet is a Powerful Tool.

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool. More prospective buyers are using this powerful tool each year to find products and services within your industry.

Fine-tune your Ad Campaigns.

Search engine advertising is a daunting task. Correct targeting and complex analytics are essential. Use our expertise to maximize your marketing dollar.

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